Dear Friends of Oldfields,

We are gathering the names of Oldfields alumnae, parents, and friends, like you, who would be willing to connect with graduates and/or students for the purpose of sharing career related information, and we hope you will join us. We already have nearly 100 people signed up!

Our goal is to pair you with alumnae who are interested in discussing your career experiences and insights about occupations, industries, and general career advice. It is as easy as a phone call or an email conversation. As a mentor, you could offer real world advice and experience that can help further an alumna's career. Or perhaps you would like to be mentored? Oldfields alumnae will be matched based on geographic location and area of interest.

This is not intended to be a job or internship placement service, but rather a way for Oldfields alumnae and parents to give back to young women starting down the road on their career of choice, or more established graduates who would like to change direction. They’ll benefit from your experience, and you’ll feel great about having helped an Oldfields girl, making it a win-win for all involved.

 Oldfields mentors will be asked to:

  • Talk or email with Oldfields alumnae about their career, industry or company.
  • Provide them with basic information about their city or region.
  • Offer job-search tips that may be helpful to them. 

 Oldfields mentors will not be expected to:

  • Provide jobs or internships
  • Continue extended communication

Oldfields mentees will be asked to:

  • Respect the time and privacy of the mentors who contact them.
  • Expect to receive real life information from a mentor in your field of interest.
  • Not to expect a job or internship from your conversation with a mentor

The Alumnae Association is very excited about finding new ways to engage and assist our sister alumnae. The more of you who agree to become a mentor, the more helpful we can be! Whether or not you are looking for a mentor, and/or would be interested in becoming a mentor, please email and let us know your area of expertise!


Lulu Laubenstein Good ’72  
Alumnae Association President