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An exceptional independent boarding and day school for girls grades 8-12

The magic of Oldfields is how you feel when you are here—excited and challenged, and at the same time, comfortable and at home. The very best way to experience it is in person.

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Tuition and Financial Assistance

As Maryland’s first all-girls’ boarding school, we have a long history of forging opportunities for young women.

We recognize the decision to send your daughter to Oldfields is a significant investment in her future. For over 150 years, our School has believed in the power of young women and been committed to providing the Oldfields Experience to as many students as possible! Together, we can provide your daughter with this life-changing opportunity.

Oldfields School’s tuition is a comprehensive fee that includes the cost of most activities, athletics, and most academic support outside of the Academic Strategies Program (ASP). Both boarding and day students benefit from a wide variety of afterschool and weekend activities that extend their learning far beyond the classroom.

We understand that with the developing situation with COVID-19, things may feel uncertain for you and your family, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need.  Join Kathleen Wenck, Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid, for a conversation regarding all things tuition assistance. Your conversation will be family-focused, and can include, but is not limited to: an overview of Oldfields School’s tuition assistance program, understanding the tuition assistance application, reviewing the additional costs included in sending your daughter to private school, and sustaining your family contribution during your daughter's time at Oldfields. Tuition Assistance Tuesday webinars will be hosted by appointment each Tuesday. Click here to reserve your appointment.

 Domestic StudentBoarding
Annual School Fee$1,200$800



 International StudentInternational Boarding
Annual School Fee$6,200
International Student Health Insurance*$1,950.00 (12 months)
$1,765.00 (10 months)

*The student health insurance fee may be waived by students who have comparable U.S.-based health insurance that provides coverage while in Maryland.

While the primary responsibility for financing a student's education rests with the family, a strong tuition financial assistance program supports Oldfields commitment to a qualified, motivated, and diverse student body. We encourage students to apply irrespective of financial need. In the 2019-2020 school year, $1.4 million dollars of financial aid was granted. Nearly 45% of our families receive some form of financial assistance.

To assist families in meeting the cost of an Oldfields School education, we offer need-based assistance, merit awards, and payment plans. For many families, a small financial assistance grant enables the opportunity for an Oldfields education. If you feel your daughter would benefit from the unique educational experience that we offer, please carefully review the financial assistance options, policies, and guidelines outlined below before you begin the application process.

Tuition Payment Options

In order to accommodate Oldfields families’ preferences, multiple payment plans are offered:

  • 1 payment due July
  • 2 yearly payments, 60% due July and 40% due November
  • 6 monthly payments beginning August
  • 9 monthly payments beginning May

Please note:

    International students must pay on or before July 25 via FlyWire >
  • All students selecting the multiple payments (2, 6, or 9) must pay via FACTS >
  • Students seeking financing for tuition should utilize Tuition Solution >

Tuition Assistance Application

  1. Log into School and Student Services (SSS) and complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) by February 1. This can be started as early as October. Contact NAIS customer service at 1-800-344-8328 for questions about completing the PFS. Oldfields School Code is 5542. After February 1, financial assistance awards will be determined on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. Upload the following documents to SSS:
    Previous year's Federal Tax Return (1040) - Copies must be signed and all supporting schedules and forms must be submitted by February 1.
    Current year's W-2s and/or 1099s(if applicable) – Copies must be signed and all supporting schedules and forms must be submitted by February 1.
    Current year’s Federal Tax Return (1040) - Copies must be signed and all supporting schedules and forms must be submitted by April 15.
  3. All awards sent with new acceptance and re-enrollment contracts are tentative until verification of current year’s Federal Tax Return.

Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who may apply for tuition assistance?
    Any family who is interested in applying for tuition assistance may apply through School and Student Services (SSS) to be considered for need-based tuition assistance. There is a limited tuition assistance budget for international applicants who apply through SSS.
  2. When and how should we apply for tuition assistance?
    The 2018 Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is the required tuition assistance application. It is due - along with your 2018 1040 tax form and all required schedules; 2018 W2’s; and 2019 W2’s - by February 1, 2020 for all new families. Your 2019 1040 tax form is due by April 15, 2020. Your tuition assistance award will be finalized once we have received and reviewed your 2019 1040 tax form. We recommend that you request information about applying for need-based aid at the same time you request application materials. Significant funds are not reserved beyond our initial round of awards sent to new applicants on March 10.
  3. Does every applicant applying for tuition assistance receive it?
    Tuition assistance applicants outnumber those who do not request financial assistance. Therefore, we are unable to make awards to all families who request need-based tuition assistance.
  4. What if I don’t get the award I was hoping for, but want to enroll anyway?
    If a family does not receive all of the need-based tuition aid they hoped for, it is highly unlikely that additional funding will be available in subsequent years, unless there is a significant change in the family’s financial circumstances (i.e. job loss, death or illness of a parent, etc.) Depending on the financial need of the new applicants and returning students, Oldfields School may or may not be able to extend tuition assistance to those who make requests for reconsideration or for those on the tuition assistance waitlist. We encourage you to consider the various payment plans and external tuition assistance plans available. If you would like to be reconsidered, please submit a letter of appeal within 30 days of your original contract receipt to
  5. How is tuition assistance determined?
    Oldfields School subscribes to the principals and services of the School and Student Services (SSS) to determine an applicant’s need. School and Student Services is a needs-analysis system that provides a basic guideline to provide consistency in assessing need. The Finance Committee reviews all completed SSS applications and determines the tuition assistance award for each student based on family income. Oldfields School is committed to meeting the financial need of its accepted and returning students.
  6. Who is responsible for completing the SSS forms in the case of separated or divorced parents and cases of legal guardianship?
    In situations of divorce or separation, all parents must complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and provide his/her tax documents. Parents and legal guardians have the primary responsibility to finance the education of his/her child, to the extent they are able. Therefore, we require a completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and tax return from each parent/guardian. Documentation should be provided in cases where a parent/guardian is no longer financially responsible for his/her child.
  7. How is tuition assistance determined in subsequent years?
    Oldfields School requires that all applicants complete and submit the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) to SSS and upload all supporting documentation each year that a student wishes to return to Oldfields School and receive tuition assistance. These items must be submitted by their assigned deadlines. Awards are evaluated annually by the Finance Committee and based on the most recent year’s financial information. There is also the expectation that, as with all Oldfields School students, your daughter’s re-enrollment and subsequent tuition assistance award is contingent upon her maintaining a high level of citizenship and scholarship. The Finance Committee will review and, when possible, make adjustments appropriate to changes in financial resources and tuition increases. Oldfields School cannot always guarantee meeting the increased needs and changes in the family’s financial situation, but will do our best to consider all requests.
  8. Is a business tax return required from parents/guardians who own their own business?
    Yes. If parents/guardians own their own business, he/she will need to provide their business tax return as well as their personal tax return. Please be sure to submit all tax documentation including, but not limited to, K-1s, 1120s, 1065s, and your Schedule E.
  9. Is it possible to get a fee waiver for the PFS?
    Oldfields School does not assign fee waivers to families for completion of the PFS. SSS will apply a fee waiver at the end of the application depending upon income and information provided. If you need further information, please contact
  10. What if I have more than one child in tuition charging schools?
    If more than one child in a family attends a tuition-charging institution, it is required that a family applying for financial assistance does so at each of the institutions their children attend. However, a family only needs to complete one Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) listing all of the schools that children will be applying to. Please be sure to include all children and educational expenses in the designated section of the PFS.
    When you have children in college, SSS will take that into consideration. Colleges/universities, however, do not necessarily take into consideration tuition at independent schools. Families often receive more tuition assistance from independent schools than from colleges/universities; however, colleges/universities are more flexible in their awarding of merit awards.
  11. When will we be notified if we have received an award?
    Tuition assistance decisions are sent to parents of newly admitted students with their admission decision. For applications submitted on February 1, the notification date for day students is February 20 and for boarding students is March 10. Returning students will receive their tuition assistance decisions with their re-enrollment contracts in February. The Admission office will communicate directly with returning families.
  12. Is our application confidential?
    All financial information submitted in support of a tuition assistance application is held in strict confidence. All tuition assistance awards are confidential agreements between the recipient family and Oldfields School. Therefore, it is the expectation that tuition assistance recipients, and their families, will honor this confidentiality as well; a student may forfeit her award if this confidentiality is breached.
  13. Whom do I contact if I need assistance completing the PFS?
    Please contact the SSS Customer Service Center at 1-800-344-832 or
    The Oldfields School Code is 5542.

Financial Aid Questions Contact:

Kathleen Wenck 
Associate Director of Admission & Financial Aid 

Email | profile

1500 Glencoe Road
Sparks Glencoe, Maryland 21152

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