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Term I Academic Awards
Posted 12/30/2019 07:59AM

On December 5, the Term I Awards were held to honor the academic, athletic, artistic, and altruistic achievements of our students. It is always a wonderful opportunity to give kudos to those girls who go the extra mile to do their best and make exceptional contributions to the community. Director of Academics and Programmatic Affairs Joe Doherty began by asking all the students, to reflect on their own achievements in Term I; in the classroom, dormitory, on stage, and on the playing field. What did they do to make that accomplishment become a reality? He encouraged them to be proud of their achievements, but asked they go one step further and identify the effort, strategies, and skills that allowed that success to come to fruition, highlighting that reflection and self-evaluation are important skills to develop throughout their journey at Oldfields. Congratulations to all the students honored in Term I. We are so proud of you! 

First Honors

Hope Clarke ’23
Abigail Fletcher ’23
Sophia Mather ’23
Siyue “Laura” Ren ’21
Ruochun "Rosanne" Yang ’20
Linghao "Lucy" Zhang ’20

Second Honors

Anna Altman ’22
Michaela Athey ’22
Liliana Beall ’24
Sophie Brault ’20
Siyao “Milla” Du ’20
Catherine Franklin ’22
Katelyn Mather ’21
Jooyeon “Juniper” Moon ’22
Ahoefa Nanevi ’20
Elisa Pajuelo ’20
Jadisha Proano ’22
Peyton Snider ’22
Rebekah Turner ’20
Grace Vernarelli ’20
Claire Webne ’20 

Departmental Awards

Science: This student has had consistent and impressive success in some of our most challenging science courses. In honors-level physics both last year and this year, she has shown great understanding and leads the way in her willingness to participate and explain her reasoning. She sets an excellent example for her peers and makes our entire class stronger. We are proud to present the award for achievement in science this trimester to Ruochun "Rosanne" Yang ’20.

World Languages: This student is very engaged in her studies of French. She participates actively in class and consistently does very good work. She comes to class well prepared, and her spoken and written French are improving steadfastly. The World Language Award goes to Rebekah Turner ’20.

English: This student is conscientious, naturally inquisitive, and always well prepared for class. She enthusiastically engages with the texts we are studying AND with her classmates. She sets an example in the classroom by always being willing to ask questions when she needs further clarification and by being genuinely supportive of her peers. Her impressive work ethic and her commitment to learning make her stand out as a leader and a role model to the other students in her sophomore class. For her enduring optimism, her keen intellectual mind, and her thoughtful disposition, the Term I English Department Award goes to Catherine Franklin ’22.

Mathematics: This student has demonstrated the most intellectual curiosity and critical thinking in math. When solving mathematical problems, she is like Sherlock Holmes, a mastermind that always finds a path by integrating pieces of information with rigorous logic and meticulous reasoning. I am proud to present the Math Award to Anna Altman ’22.

Visual Arts: Leading with positivity, enthusiasm, and energy, this student has made a difference in the visual arts department this trimester. Her heartfelt desire to not only improve her own work, but also to encourage others to embrace their creativity has not gone unnoticed. It is for these reasons that we are proud to present the Visual Arts Award to Lillian Burbulis ’22 

Performing Arts: The Performing Arts Award this term goes to a young woman who is currently taking two fine arts classes. Working to master the fundamentals of both music and public speaking, she arrives each day ready to engage, whether it is tapping out a rhythm or giving an impromptu speech. This young woman is a natural storyteller, and her speeches over the first trimester have come to life through the imagery and emotion she attaches to her words. She is a thoughtful contributor, knows where to improve, and has begun to celebrate the confidence she has gained in both her speech writing and execution. In Music Fundamentals she has quickly picked up the concepts of various music elements such as note identification, time signature, types of clefs, and note duration. It is our pleasure to present the Performing Arts Award this term to Ana Pingree ’20.

History: Although this student has only been at Oldfields for a few short months, she has made a profound and wonderful impact in every area of school life. In history class, she is the consummate learner, genuinely interested in the material presented and keenly thoughtful and reflective in her analysis. She has a deep respect for the learning process, produces exemplary written work, and engages respectfully with her classmates. The History Department is so proud to present this award to Claire Webne ’20.

Outstanding Citizenship Award: Charles Handy said that “citizenship is the chance to make a difference to the place where you belong.” We are all fortunate to belong to a place with so many good citizens. That rightly noted, the student body voted for the person who has been a first among equals this year. I have seen, as I’m sure others have, how this good citizen’s thoughts and actions consistently prioritize advancing and strengthening the community to which we all belong. Please join us in recognizing the winner of the Term I Good Citizen Award, Claire Chao ’20.

Athletic Awards

Field Hockey: Over the course of this season, we watched as this young woman began to see herself well beyond her talent alone. Her maturing patience, on and off the field, allowed her to grow into the “go-to” leader you see before you today.  She has always had an ability to provoke a fun and spirited atmosphere, this year however, she cultivated an expectation of poise and structure that her peers not only observe and respect, but emulate. Grace Vernarelli '20 has proven her dedication to her teammates, her coaches, her sport and her school. It has been a joy and a privilege to coach Grace for the past four years and an honor to name her our 2019 MVP.

A student of the game is one who is constantly working to improve and push themselves beyond their recognized ability level. This young woman has grown immensely over the last few months.  Her personal success this season is a direct result of the consistent progress she has made over the last three years. Her understanding of the game often put her in the right place, at just the right time.  She is a hard worker and has shown significant growth and maturity this year. The coaching staff was extremely impressed with Gabby’s ability to take instruction and direction throughout practices and game, all of this gives me the pleasure present Gabby Brown '21 with the Most Improved Player Award 

Cross Country: This year’s Coach’s Award goes to the runner who never complained. She always played the game the right way with a goal toward improving. She pushed herself far harder than her coaches and peers could, and, believe us, we pushed. And she had fun. She respected and loved the sport. She also won the race over 28 other girls at St. Tim’s this year. For these reasons and more, Coach Isaacs and Coach Jernigan agree that the 2019 Coach’s Award for Cross Country goes to Katie Mather ’21

Dance: The highlight of the fall dance season was this dancer’s performance in the Fall Family Weekend Showcase. What you see is three minutes of talent and confidence. What you don’t see are the weeks of learning, memorizing, and cleaning those three minutes took. It has been our pleasure to watch this young woman in the classroom work as an assistant and student coach. She earned the respect of the team as she worked with the class to break down the dance and mentor students in choreography and performance. We are very proud of the skills this young lady has developed as a teacher in the classroom over the last few years! On behalf of the fall dance class, thank you Ahoefa Nanevi ’20 for sharing your time and talent with us.

Riding: Our Coach's Award goes to a student who is a quiet leader. She quietly works on her riding and never commands attention for what she does or accomplishes. She has learned how to connect horses, and she is learning to bring out the best in each horse she sits on each day. Her riding has improved, and consequently, the opportunities presented to her have increased because of her hard work and dedication to becoming a better horsewoman. Our Coaches Award goes to Tara Hu-Henderson ’23.

Our most improved rider sat on a horse for the first time last fall. Just a year later she is jumping 2'6" courses at home and showing in "AA" horse shows. Every horse she sits on loves her softness and kindness with each of them. She is a joy to have in the barn, and she is even more fun to take on the road to horse shows whether or not she is showing. We are so proud of how much you have grown as a rider. Our most improved rider for the fall is Cate Dayan ’23.

Tennis: Within the first week of practice, this player made her mark. She came to us with good technique and a desire to play. She pushed her partner and worked hard on the court resulting in several very tough matches and victories. We look forward to working with her next year. We present the Rookie of the Year award to Leyan “Helen” Wang ’21

This player has improved greatly since she first joined the team last year. She throws herself into practice, she wants to improve, and she became starting varsity this year for the first time. She wanted advice and listened to coaching, especially when we talked to the girls about their desire to win and their competitive spirit. In a tough three-set game, she decided she wanted to win, and she would push her partner to help her do so. Our Most Improved Award goes to Zijie “Jessica” Fan ’20. 

This player received a character coin this year from St. Timothy’s School after a long three-set match that lasted hours. At the end of our season meeting, the coach from Beth Tfiloh came up to me and gave another character coin. He said after our match, their number one singles player could not stop talking about how kind, funny, and thoughtful her opponent was, and how she wanted to give her a character coin. So, Fern Peva ’20, I am happy to present you with a character coin from Beth Tfiloh. 

JV Volleyball: Since the beginning, this player has demonstrated discipline on the court and enthusiasm to her classmates. On the court, she was an excellent server and setter that took the volleyball team to their winnings games. I’d like to present the Best Server Award to Michaela Athey ’22. 

Good leaders do what is expected of them. This player has been an outstanding leader on the volleyball team since her first game. It was moments before the game when she realized was a great server. Ashley has taken on that role for two years and has been phenomenal. I’m pleased to preset the Most Valuable Player Award to Ashely Glezer ’20

Varsity Volleyball: The first award goes to a young woman who truly embodies the qualities of an Oldfields student-athlete in her kindness and care for others. She was very eager to learn and improve her game this season. Initially, I wasn’t sure how she would transition from JV to varsity, but she was ultimately one of our most consistent players as a sophomore. She played primarily in the front row, and I could always count on her being in the right positions on the court. She knew what she was capable of and played within herself. I’m looking forward to seeing how her game continues to develop and also to see her take on more of a leadership role. I am pleased to give the Most Improved Player Award to Haoran “Lucy” Zhang ’22.

The next award goes to one of our team captains. She did a fantastic job in this role. I could always count on her positive attitude, whether we were playing well or struggling. She was one of our stronger servers and a much improved back row player. At the net, this player understood her limitations athletically, and therefore relied on having good timing. She suffered a back injury late in the season that slowed her down a bit, but like a true leader, she made no excuses and kept competing. It feels like it was yesterday that this young woman was a sophomore on varsity, trying to figure out her role and identity as a player. Watching her grow and develop as a player over the past three seasons has been such a joy. Carly, you have come a long way and I am so proud of all that you’ve accomplished in your OS volleyball career. This year’s Coach's Award goes to Carly McNamara ’20.

Congratulations to all the award recipients! 

1500 Glencoe Road
Sparks Glencoe, Maryland 21152

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